Copmans Wick Allotments

Allotments at Copmans Wick, The Swillett and Dog Kennel Lane may be rented from Chorleywood Parish Council.

Water is available from standpipes from April to October. The Council endeavours to control the boundaries and vacant sites by cutting with flail mowers. In order to do this it is essential that allotment holders dispose of all waste from their allotments within the boundaries of their own plot.

In addition to the charges below, there is a one–off administration charge of £25.00 for new allotment holders.

Once a year, usually in December, an Open Meeting for all Allotment Holders is held prior to the Lawn Cemetery and Allotments Meeting held at the Parish Council offices. This is an important meeting at which Allotment Holders may make their views known.

Allotment Competition Results 2017

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Allotment Charges - 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Plot Details

Allotment Charge

Water Charge

Total Charge

Whole Plot




Half Plot




Pensioners Whole Plot




Pensioners Half Plot




Note: Water charge is per plot/half plot and non-concessionary. Tenants with more than one plot will pay charge for each plot/half plot that they have.

Additional Charges

New Tenant Admin Charge


Key Charge for Copmans Wick, The Swillett &
Dog Kennel Lane (non refundable)


Late Payment Charge


What you can get from an allotment?

The following harvest over the last year was achieved by one of our allotment holders – a pensioner with a whole plot who spent around 200 hours on the allotment over the year but who harvested the following produce:

Harvest: Rhubarb - 37lbs, Spinach - 35 lbs, Blackcurrants - 53lbs, Raspberries - 24 lbs, Summer Cabbage - 24 lbs, Savoy Cabbage - 27 lbs, Beetroot - 50 lbs, Cauliflower - 24 lbs, Courgettes - 36 lbs, Onions - 27 lbs, French Beans - 9 lbs, Carrots - 28lbs, Turnips - 9 lbs, Chard - 32 lbs, Brussels - 30 lbs, Broad Beans - 31 lbs, Runner Beans - 59 lbs, Calabrese - 6 lbs, Potatoes - 196 lbs, Shallots - 8 lbs, Kale - 10 lbs, Parsnips - 5 lbs, Leeks - 18 lbs, Swede - 12 lbs.