Chorleywood’s Community Plan

A Community Plan for Chorleywood pdf

Chorleywood Community Plan is Launched

Chorleywood residents had a unique opportunity to have their say on the future of Chorleywood.

During 2014, a Community-led group made up of local organisations (listed left) put together a series of questions ranging in topic from leisure facilities to library services to housing needs. This questionaire was available to every household online. Paper copies were also hand delivered to residents’ doors.

The results of the questionnaire were analysed early in 2015 and formed the basis of a Community Plan for Chorleywood, outlining aspects of living in Chorleywood which are important and need protecting, and areas of improvement residents would like the Parish Council to promote.

All households were encouraged to complete the short questionnaire, and responses were completely anonymous.

Chairman of the Community Plan group, Jane White, who is also a Parish Councillor, said:

"The Community Plan seeks to celebrate the positive aspects of Chorleywood life, but also highlight the areas of local need. We are delighted to give every household in Chorleywood this opportunity to have a say about their community, how they would like to see it develop, and what aspects they would like to see protected. The results of this questionnaire will give local authorities like the Parish Council vital information about the needs and views of our community."

2014 - "Planning our future together"

The Parish Council is driving a new initiative to create a Community-led plan for the Parish.

The Community Plan will be based upon the views and opinions of the whole community, identifying areas of want or improvement for the Parish, as well as the things that the community wishes to protect or enhance

The Community Plan process will involve the views of the whole community. In the initial planning stages, the Parish is working with the following groups:

Later in the year you will be asked your views on many aspects of Chorleywood life via a questionnaire. The results of the questionnaire will be collated and analysed, from which we will be able to draw up a plan focusing on the future of Chorleywood.

The Community Plan may include a Neighbourhood Plan (covering planning matters) and it is this element to which the TRDC Notice relates. The Neighbourhood Plan is a formal planning document and, as such, TRDC is obliged to conduct a period of consultation regarding the boundaries of that Plan.

If you have questions regarding the Community Plan please contact the Parish office, or one of the partner associations contacts or look out for the Community Plan stand at the Chorleywood Parish Council Village Day on Saturday 12th July.

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