Our Mission Statement

To foster the social economic and environmental welfare of the Chorleywood Parish and to contribute to a sustainable and an inclusive community.

Chorleywood has 17 elected Councillors representing five wards who sit on four committees: Open Spaces; Village Halls; Planning; and Policy and Resources. Councillors can be contacted here.

The calendar of meetings shows when the Parish Council Committee meetings are held. You can also access the agendas and minutes for all meetings via the main menu.

Chorleywood Parish Council is responsible for:-

Chorleywood Common
Chorleywood Lawn Cemetery
Management of three Village Halls
Three allotment sites
• Grovewood

The Parish Council considers all planning applications within Chorleywood. You can view Plans & Comments by clicking on this link.


** Halls Live Availability **

** Road & traffic information is available here. **

Full Council Meeting | 7.30pm on 25th January 2022

The next Full Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th January 2022 at 7.30pm.

This meeting will be held at the Common Room at the War Memorial Hall, Common Road, Chorleywood WD3 5LN.

The press and public are required to register to attend.

Face mask must be worn.

Chorleywood Community Champion Award 2022

Following the success of last years award, we are again asking you to nominate someone who you feel has gone above and beyond to help the community, individual or group after what has again been a challenging year.

We can take nominations from individuals and groups but please use the application form attached and return it to the Parish office no later than 4th April 2022.

You can send it by post or email to the address on the application form.

There is no criteria for this award other than the recipient should live and/or work within the Parish.

We look forward to hearing from you.

TRDC will be undertaking works in Carpenters Wood

On Tuesday 4th January, works will begin at Carpenters Wood, Chorleywood.  The works involve the thinning and harvesting of Larch trees in several locations in the wood.  As you may be aware these non-native trees were planted about 30 years ago to replace those lost during storms in 1987 and 1991.  The work aims to remove the smaller, poorer quality trees, to give more space for better quality specimens to develop.

The work will create gaps in the canopy, so that a wider diversity of trees can be planted in future.  Areas of Ash trees, which have been badly affected by Die Back, will also be felled to create space for replacement planting with other native species.  Due to difficulties extracting timber from the wood, it will be stacked safely on-site for several months, until ground conditions are dryer and removal can be arranged .

Home Library Service in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Libraries provides the Home Library Service delivering books to some of the most vulnerable and isolated people in the county. Click below for further information.

Home Library Service (2021-11-22) T&PC (pdf)

Covid-19 September 2021 Update

The Parish Office is now open fully staffed between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday and visitors are welcome to the Office for essential enquiries. However both Officers and Rangers will be practicing social distancing where possible so please respect their space. If possible and not exempt please wear a face covering when visiting the office.

If an enquiry in person is not necessary, please either telephone the office on 01923 285594 or email general enquiries to info@chorleywood-pc.gov.uk and your request will be passed to the appropriate officer.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

We will publicise any changes to arrangements as further changes are made to Government guidelines.

Chorleywood Community Champion Award

During the Pandemic there have been some fantastic examples of good deeds and people going above and beyond to help others in time of need. In February the Parish Council launched the Community Champion Award and received seven nominations all of whom received a medal of recognition and gratitude.

Chorleywood Community Champion Award Winners 2021 (pdf)

Notice of Public Consultation | Three Rivers Local Plan

Click here to read the document (pdf).

Notice of Vacancy in Office of Councillor | Chorleywood South Ward

Notice of Vacancy (pdf)

Casual Vacancy Poster (pdf)

Parish Councillor Job Description (pdf)

Parish Councillor Qualifications (pdf)

Casual Vacancy Application Form (pdf)

Mission EmployAble

In an exciting joint venture, the charity Mission EmployAble is raising money, along with the Cricket Club, for a new pavilion and café to replace the existing clubhouse.

Work is currently underway to finalise the details of the project before work commences on site. Once completed, inside the pavilion, Mission EmployAble’s café will serve delicious homemade food to families, runners, keep fit groups, dog walkers and cricket fans. Uniquely, it will be staffed by young adults with learning disabilities, who will be trained and supported by the charity.

To make a donation to Mission EmployAble, to keep up to date with the building’s progress and for details of forthcoming fundraising events, visit: missionemployable.co.uk

Property Flood Resilience: property owners and occupiers

The Environment Agency is carrying out a survey on resilience to flooding.  They are currently collecting views and opinions and are interested in questions such as:

  • Are property owners and occupiers aware of Property Flood Resilience measures?
  • Do property owners and occupiers have any measures installed (e.g. flood doors)?
  • Are there any issues that are hindering owners and occupiers from taking up Property Flood Resilience?

They are using an internet-based survey to collect opinions on Property Flood Resilience from owners and occupiers.  The survey can be accessed via:


They would like to ask you to kindly pass this invitation on to property owners and occupiers in your area, so that we can find out what they think about Property Flood Resilience.

The study is part of wider work on increasing resilience to flooding (see https://www.gov.uk/government/news/29-million-extra-funding-to-boost-action-on-making-homes-more-resilient-to-floods for more information).

Vacancies for one Parish Councillor in Chorleywood North

A community message

We are offering a helping hand to those in need in our community! Are you elderly, vulnerable or concerned about the Coronavirus, unable to get out, or need help?

Through Facebook we have gathered people from the local area to help those in need. Please reach out to us so that we can offer you some help.

If you need help, please call: Ellis on: 07599429626

One of our helpers will call on you to see what we can do for you. All of this is free, except any shopping, which will be paid for by you. A donation towards petrol would be appreciated, but not essential.

One of our volunteers is running a Meals Delivery business based in Commonwood: Call Yovi on: 07850 866 413

We would like to make residents aware of a TV Licence scam

We would like to make residents aware of a TV Licence scam.

It would appear that an email is sent to customers stating that the payment for their TV Licence could not be taken and to click on a link.

Once clicking on the link the customer would be contacted by phone and the person on the other end of the phone was someone pretending to be from the customer’s bank stating that their bank account needed freezing and they would have to transfer their money into a new account.

The customer was told to use a specific browser where they would be asked to put in their bank account details and the scammers would then use this information to extract money from their account.

Should anyone receive any communication regarding their payments for their TV Licence we would suggest that you contact TV Licencing direct via their official website or contact your bank direct.

Should you receive any emails you suspect are from fraudsters please contact www.actionfraud.police.uk

Amazon Prime Scam

There have been reports from many Hertfordshire residents relating to a scam for Amazon Prime following a trial period.

You receive an automatic call telling you that your Amazon Prime renewal is due for £39.99 a month but if you wish to cancel it press button 1.

When you do this a person comes on the line and tells you she will hand you to a technical advisor.

The technical advisor then tells you to follow his instructions.

Go into Google and enter www.teamleader and download this application.

If you do this he then has complete access to your computer – for ever.

If you receive these type of calls please report the instances to www.actionfraud.police.uk.

If you have signed up to Amazon Prime for a 30 day trial, you will not get automated calls reminding you for renewal, it will automatically renew ongoing membership if you do not cancel, to cancel please call direct to Amazon from the contact details you received when initially taking out the trial period contract.

HMRC scam awareness

The following video below is a mock phone call from the herts police you tube channel, which is an example of a scam phone call from someone pretending to be from HMRC. These type of phone calls state there is an arrest warrant in place for unpaid tax and if outstanding money is paid the arrest will be cancelled.

HMRC do not contact people directly in this way and an arrest warrant is very unlikely to take place for unpaid tax as this would normally be dealt with through the courts via post. Anyone receiving such phone calls should inform the caller that they will be contacting Police to verify any such arrest warrant and to terminate the call.

If still in doubt you can contact HMRC directly on 0300 200 3300. I would preferably use a different telephone to do this or wait at least half an hour if you are not able to use a different telephone as the scam caller will sometimes remain on the line for a few minutes after the call has finished.

Alternatively you can click on the link below which takes you directly to the HMRC website.


Lost and Found Property | Changes to Procedures

The police service has traditionally accepted the responsibility of recording all lost and found property, despite there being no statutory duty to do this. In February, police forces nationally stopped receiving reports of lost property and now accept only certain types of found items. Hertfordshire has come in line with these policies.

The below link to our website provides detailed advice about what to do if you have lost or found property.


Local scams taking place at present in Hertfordshire

You owe tax: A person calls you from a ‘spoofed’ number – the number displayed is a legitimate HMRC phone number. The call often starts with a recorded message saying that a warrant has been issued for your arrest if you do not pay outstanding tax. An option to speak to someone is given. They will ask you to visit a local shop or Post Office to buy vouchers for iTunes or Google Play or similar. The person then asks for the code on the voucher and tells you that you have now paid the tax and the warrant will be cancelled. This is a scam. HMRC would never call you if you owe tax and would never ask you to buy gift vouchers from a shop.

BT telephone line problems: Many people have received calls from people claiming to be “BT” saying that there is a fault on their telephone line or a problem with their internet. This is the start of a scam.BT would not phone you about your line, they would wait for you to report any issues to them. Please do not give ANY personal details to these callers and simply terminate the call. If they call back, just end the call again.

Police fraud investigation: You are called by someone claiming to be a police officer who is investigating a fraud involving your account. They either ask you to move your money from your bank account or they ask you to assist an investigation by purchasing an expensive item. This is a scam. A police officer would never tell you to move or spend your money. If you think there is a problem with your bank account, it is best to visit your bank or call them on their published number.

These scam calls can be reported directly to Action Fraud – actionfraud.police.uk or 03001232040 – please note any phone numbers the scammers ask you to call, as this may assist an investigation.

If you do become a victim and a caller arranges to attend your address to collect vouchers or cash, please call police on 101,or 999 if the crime is in progress.

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