Covid-19 September 2021 Update

Full service has now resumed at the Lawn Cemetery and bookings for either Full burials or ashes interments can be made via your chosen Funeral Director or by contacting the Parish Office on 01923 285594 or by email to Claire James at

We will publicise any changes to arrangements as further changes are made to Government guidelines.

Chorleywood Lawn Cemetery

Chorleywood Lawn Cemetery is a peaceful and tranquil cemetery situated just off the A404 Rickmansworth Road on Lady Ella Drive surrounded by open land and countryside on three sides. Inaugurated shortly after World War II by Chorleywood Urban District Council, it has been tended with care ever since and is possibly one of the most beautiful last resting places in Hertfordshire. The Bishop of St Albans consecrated an attractive extension in 1996 which virtually doubled the size of the original area.

The Cemetery, by it’s name, is laid to lawn with formal flower beds, ornamental hedges and trees. Bronze memorial plaques are laid into the grass keeping an open vista across the site. Many seats have been donated allowing visitors to enjoy this peaceful green oasis far from the noisy world outside.

Interments can take place between the hours of 9.00am and 1pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). The Cemetery has burial and ashes plots available in both consecrated and unconsecrated ground. It is divided into Sections A – G as shown below:

  • Sections A and B: Now full – only used when re-opening plots
  • Section C: Unconsecrated ground – both ashes and burial plots available
  • Section D: Consecrated ground – only ashes plots now available
  • Section E: Consecrated ground – Burial plots and Children’s Section – no ashes plots currently available in this section.
  • Sections F & G: Maintained and kept for long term future use

Interments can be arranged by contacting the Lawn Cemetery Administrator at the Parish Office either through a local undertakers or directly if an undertaker will not be involved in the interment. When an interment has taken place, the next of kin will be sent the Deed of Ownership of the grave and Cemetery Rules and will be informed of the process for ordering a bronze memorial plaque for the grave.

Floral Tributes

In order to keep the open aspect of the cemetery two green vases per grave are permitted. These vases are available free of charge in the Cemetery. Alternatively, pot holders for potted plants are available from the Parish Office for a small charge and can be used in place of one of the vases. Each pot holder is stamped with a number and details of the purchaser will be kept at the Parish Office. Once purchased from the Parish Office, the pot holder will remain the property and the responsibility of the purchaser. Plants will be removed by the Cemetery Rangers when they have died but the pot holder will be left in place. Any pots placed on the grave not in a holder will be removed by the Cemetery Rangers.

Interment Charges (01/04/21 – 31/03/22)

Exclusive Right of Burial

Full Interment £799 (Parishioners) £2397 (Non-parishioners)
Ashes/Infant £533 (Parishioners) £1599 (Non-parishioners)

Full Interment*

Single Depth £615 (Parishioners) £1845 (Non-parishioners)
Double Depth £751 (Parishioners) £2253 (Non-parishioners)

*For the interment of caskets an additional charge of £852 will apply.


Single Depth £373 (Parishioners) £1119 (Non-parishioners)
Double Depth £373 (Parishioners) £1119 (Non-parishioners)

Bronze Plaques (01/04/2021 – 31/12/2021)

24 x 12 £1519.20 (£1266 ex VAT)
12 x 12 £823.20 (£686 ex VAT)
7 x 2 £117.60 (£98 ex VAT) (Bench and Memorial Tree plaques)

If you would like more information about the Lawn Cemetery please contact Claire James (Lawn Cemetery Administrator) on 01923 285594 or email

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