Open Spaces Committee Meetings & Members

Chorleywood Parish Council owns Chorleywood Common, Grovewood, the allotment sites at the Swillett, Copmans Wick and Dog Kennel Lane and the Lawn Cemetery in Chorleywood House grounds. The Open Spaces Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of all these sites, plus the closed churchyard at Christ Church.

The Open Spaces Committee meets about every six weeks to deal with all matters pertaining to these areas. It also holds regular meetings with the Common Users Group and with the allotment tenants.

All the practical work involved is carried out by the Council’s four Rangers, who are responsible for the care of the grassland, ponds and woodland on the Common, keeping Grovewood in good condition, regular mowing of the allotment perimeters and the maintenance and gravedigging of the Lawn Cemetery. The Conservation Manager and Head Ranger also does a considerable amount of public relations work and attends all meetings of the Open Spaces Committee.

Additionally, the Committee is responsible for the regular updates of the Common Management Plan and that for Grovewood. Since the original Common Management Plan was adopted, the changes in management it recommended have resulted in the restoration of the natural grassland and wildflower habitats on Chorleywood Common. Because of this, it is now designated a County Wildlife Site, a Hertfordshire Heritage Site and, more recently, a Local Nature Reserve.

It is the task of the Open Spaces Committee to conserve and enhance this important natural environment while taking into account the recreational needs of local people. This can sometimes require a quite delicate balancing act.

The Committee has restored grazing with cattle to part of the Common to help improve the condition of the grassland.

May 2023 - April 2023 Documents

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